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Sign Up

   Please allow at least 10 minutes to complete forms. This is for our Electronic health record system to get you all set up. 

    It will ask for health history like most doctors offices ask. Just fill out what you know. 


   At the end, you can add another person to the account before finalizing Enrollment. Payment is set up after finalizing enrollment, giving you the option on Billing frequency and choosing what day to be charged on.

        Fill this out while on your computer if you can, will not work with some phone browsers.

You only need to fill this out once. You will not be charged immediately after providing payment information. It will ask for credit card information at the end, but you can also use debit card, whichever you prefer. If you had rather do a direct withdrawal from your bank, that can be arranged, but only after the account has been finalized.

Before joining, please check to see if you have an HMO plan that restricts you to an in-network PCP. This may prevent us from doing referrals. Please contact us first if this is the case.

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