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 I was just, I don't know, just frustrates me how they how they do that, you know, something that's, you know, that's something that important that they, people believe that it's on a sick day coupon, you know, they can't afford a sick day coupon a month, I mean who could? Well, and they screw around with it, they do, I mean, there's no need for me to have to have gone through the number of pieces of paper that they sent to be able to get that medicine. like there's no there was there was no there's no reason for that but i mean i right it's because all it is is just them trying to put up roadblocks because you know most physicians will be like oh i Give up, I'm not going to do it right. Yep, I think that's what we're trying to do or something, but yeah, I was so frustrated and finally, uh, I probably need another refill on. Did you do a 90 day for that? I thought I did? Hold on, let me look. They only gave me a 30 day supply, whatever. Oh, okay. Oh wait, that's weird. Okay, so somehow or another, it's one tablet a day, but I wrote for 60 tablets for 60 days for some reason. But they only gave you 30. Let me try sending it in for a 90 day because there's supposed to be, I guess, or is it, it looks like there might be a coupon or something if you do the 90 day. So let me amend that. Just found? OK. And that one goes to Giant Eagle or that goes to? Giant Eagle. That one does go to Giant Eagle. OK. Yeah. OK, so I got 90 days with three refills. OK, that one should be there. All right. Let's see what else. I'm forgetting something. Dang it. Okay. If you can't remember it, I'll text it to you. Okay. What else do you have on your list for me? I think that was about it. Okay. Yeah, I was just concerned about my energy level and stuff. Well, I mean, but my energy level is never gonna be the same as it was. I mean, everything I've been through with the chemo and stuff just takes so much out of you. And it just, I just don't feel like the same person that I was before all of this. Right. Well, and I mean, it sounds like a downer to say, but you won't feel like the same person. But there's not an easy answer for that one. Right. I think it's maybe more an issue of trying to reinvent a new new oneself. It was normal. Yeah. And that's what I've been trying to do. But, you know, I don't know. Some days it goes better than other days. Right. Yeah. Well, okay. If I covered everything on your list and whatever it is that I'm forgetting that is not coming to mind, if I'll text it to you when I remember it, I can let you go and enjoy the rest of your Friday, the rest of your weekend. Yeah, it's a beautiful day. It is. That's why we kind of played hooky and came home from the office as it was so nice out. Yeah. We came, we stayed here on the weekend and went on vacation. But it's ready to be moved into and we haven't done it yet. Where is it at? It's an hour away. We're down in Perry County, New Lexington. Oh, that's right. Yes, you did tell me that. Yeah. Yeah. It's so peaceful out here. I just listen to the birds and got lots of plants and just enjoy everything. It sounds wonderful. Yeah, it is. Well, you go and enjoy the birds and the scenery and the quiet and I will take care of my stuff here and I will talk to you later. Thanks for calling!

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