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When I hurt this lady here, that pain what's another magnitude higher
morphine or
the pain med. What's the call of?
Percocet. Okay, that's fucking shit.
Well if I can and this one does seem to Okay.
Not Not at all. Okay, yeah. One time I think I'd have like nine Percocet, then drank half a bottle of scotch, thinking that would just jazz. It did nothing other than it did stop the pain. But Jesus I can't do this. Today. That's insane. You know? Because you can't function. Right? But I had to be. I had to lay down flat
pedals. When my body was like that, you know, for over a month before I could even walk.
Wow. You have to pee. Okay, go pee. Yeah, I'll be back. I'm sorry.
Okay, I got two more things to on, on my list to address. One is we haven't done bloodwork in a really long time. So we haven't done bloodwork in a really long time. Yeah. So let me give you a prescription that you can do that when convenient. Yeah. And you pee a lot.
Oh, yeah, we got to because I drink a lot. I drink a lot.
It makes me think you your prostates enlarged.
Probably is you know,
do you want to try a medicine to help you pee less? Well, I
don't know if it really what is that? What are side effects?
Actually the number one side effect is it lowers blood pressure so some people can get dizzy but we would that's actually not a problem for you if it was to be a little lower. And so what does that column doc says Austin is is one of the common ones. So it's all generic things been around for ages.
Do a try and do a 30 day trial if it works. Okay. Let's do a 30 day trial.
Sometimes I pee a lot and other times I don't and it just depends. You know, I had a lot to drink today. I iced tea and water and coffee this morning. Wake up throughout the night about every two to three hours to get up and pee.
See that makes me think it's worth seeing what we can do for that. Well yeah
if it kept me asleep I never had when I was a kid I didn't spit drum Yeah. Okay, when you can go get those lips done. So that was a PSA or whenever
there's a PSA.
It also I've got blood sugar, electrolytes, KIDNEY LIVER. blood counts. Vitamin D, because everybody in Ohio has vitamin D deficient cholesterol. I swear I have no proof of this but I swear something in the water is leaching it out. But the proper answer is that we don't eat enough fish and we don't aren't out in the sun as much as we used to be so
well because I burn.
Now it's a
most average difference on this arm here from the car because I don't I don't ever go
actually let me look and see me I check it on everybody but you might not have been deficient last Let me check. Oh, there's actually was was good last time. Yeah, yeah, there was good last time. Yeah. So okay.
What was the other one? Yeah, cholesterol. Is a cholesterol at one that's a good one and run a hose up your ass wherever that
is. Oh, no, that's just a screening test that that's an independent that's
for colon cancer. Yeah, cool.
Yeah, well, screw that. Nobody's sticking our hose up my as our elbow freeze over.
Just happened? Yeah.
All right. I think I've covered everything that was on my
Yeah, well
I gave you the full ones over here.
I want to do it only if you want to.
I will see you later.
Thank you so much.
See you later.

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